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True Tilt Personality Profile

The only self-assessment available to help you discover your natural personality and evolve it with character strengths through concrete developmental steps.

Provides deep, personalized insights and offers actionable suggestions to help you grow. Helps you understand and appreciate your true self - Articulates not only what you do, but why you do it. Results are reported in a memorable visual framework that allows comparison of your patterns to others to help you communicate better. Describes how you adapt to fit each situation, not just your personality “type”. Gives you the tools you need to effectively use your strengths in different situations.

True Tilt Personality Profile $49

A self assessment to discover natural character strengths and development path.

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Positive Influence Predictor $199

Learn how taking charge of your development is a game changer in today's free agent economy. Repeatable feedback enables you to see your influence grow over time.

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Team Climate Profile $99

This report explains the resulting climate predicted by the dominant personality patterns in any group as well as how team dynamics will shift under stress (requires a True Tilt Personality Profile for each team member).

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Team Agility Predictor $399

The intention of the Tilt 365 Team Agility Predictor is to predict a team or group's potential velocity of productivity, creativity, generativity and innovation. Using this tool to predict how your team’s mindset is impacting their outcomes leads to swift culture change.

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Coaching Packages

We have a worldwide network of agility and executive coaches trained in the delivery of Tilt 365 measures and concepts. We work virtually on all assignments except Executive Coaching which is a combination of in-person meetings and virtual sessions. Our coaches have all been vetted and have a combination of: In the trenches business experience, approved coaching education, professional credentials and are committed to the International Coach Federation Ethical Standards.

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Tilt Presence Workshop - For Internal Agility

Designed to increase internal agility and presence, this workshop reveals stress patterns that trigger counter-productive loss of energy.

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Tilt Influence Workshop - For External Agility

Designed to increase external agility in relationships, this workshop utilizes the Tilt 365 Positive Influence Predictor to enable real-time feedback.

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Tilt Strategies Workshop - For Team Agility

Team diagnostics that help teams shift to the Tilting pattern that ensures 4 specific outcomes. Intentional Tilting becomes a game changer for speed.

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Tilt 365 Training and Certifications

Agility coaching at the individual or team level. Scales coaching so its targeted and affordable for everyone in your organization, making a culture that it takes on a life of its own and spreads positive influence.

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