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We have a worldwide network of agility and executive coaches trained in the delivery of Tilt 365 measures and concepts. We work virtually on all assignments except Executive Coaching which is a combination of in-person meetings and virtual sessions. Our coaches have all been vetted and have a combination of: In the trenches business experience, approved coaching education, professional credentials and are committed to the International Coach Federation Ethical Standards. In addition we have taken the time to get to know them and can assure you that they come with exceptional references and experience to support even your toughest development challenges. You can trust us to supervise the work and oversee every aspect of the process including coach selection, customer service, support to both client and coach, as well as assurance that the process is completed according to plan.

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True Tilt Profile Report Debrief $350

If you have taken the True Tilt Profile and would like to have it interpreted by an expert, you can select a Tilt Certified Practitioner who will make a virtual appointment with you. Your coach will review the report with you, help you find the most important developmental opportunities and answer any questions you may have.

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Tilt 365 Report Debrief $500

Collect your own feedback observations using the Tilt 365 Positive Influence Predictor Web App, then book an appointment to have your results interpreted by a Tilt Practitioner. You will receive a 90-Minute Coaching Session, a Habit Change Plan and be added to our Weekly Challenge Blog to advance your positive influence over time.

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Targeted Coaching $ 5,000

Focused Coaching for One Specific Goal

This package is for people who have a specific developmental goal and are just getting started with the Tilt 365 Positive Influence Predictor. This is perfect for individual contributors and mid-level managers who want to reach specific developmental goals. You will receive an initial debrief on your results, six coaching sessions, and a follow up to see how you are progressing after three months.

This package includes:

  • 90-Minute Virtual Report Debrief
  • 6 x 60 Minute Virtual Coaching Calls
  • 30-Minute coach check in after 3 months
  • Access to Tilt's online resources
    • Weekly challenge blog
    • Habit change process
    • Learner videos
    • and much more!
  • Increase self-awareness and behavior in one development goal identified by your leader or mentor.
  • Build self-awareness and learn how to re-wire old habits that may be limiting your full potential. 
  • Build internal character strength that enhances your internal presence and intrinsic confidence.
  • Reduce anxiety and stress produced by overwhelming circumstances and/or environment. 
  • Begin by purchasing a Positive Influence Predictor here.
  • Complete your True Tilt Profile assessment
  • Complete your self-rating in the Positive Influence Predictor assessment and invite observers to give you feedback
  • Choose a coach and work toward your goal!

Frequently Asked Questions

While some people will read their reports and find very actionable content they can apply to expand their influence, it can be helpful to hire an expert to help you interpret your results for even more clarity and helpful hints about how to grow. The value of engaging a True Tilt Certified Practitioner, or coach, is that they can help you develop yourself and get results more quickly than you might on your own. This is because they have been trained in the Tilt model and its implications in addition to having achieved coaching certification through their national and international professional organizations.

To schedule time with an expert, just purchase your debrief and browse the coaches on our website to choose one that looks like a good match for you. Or simply contact us to talk with someone about finding a good match of coach skills for your specific development needs.