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How to be unique, compelling and different while still pleasing everyone.

How to be unique, compelling and different while still pleasing everyone.

Creating compelling content is no small task. Getting that content seen is an even more significant challenge. Wouldn't it be great if we could find that magic formula to make our content go viral every time just like the big guys? Unfortunately, there is only so much room at the top, so what if instead of wasting time suffering under the delusion that maybe, just maybe our next post will go viral, we focused instead on something that is actually within reach. What if instead, we focused on creating great content for the people who already love what we do. Content is king and there’s no shortage of it and that’s the bad news. The good news is most of the stuff out there is mediocre at best. By focusing on delighting our own audience, we can steadily grow our influence and continue to expand our reach.

So how do you make a dent in such a ridiculously crowded market place? How do you even get noticed for that matter? The answer is, stop trying to please everyone. It's not possible. If you want to stand out, you have to be willing to stop doing what everyone else is doing. Stop looking like everyone else, stop acting like everyone else and start doing something different and unique that appeals to your audience. Yes, easier said than done because there is a little bit of risk involved here. We need to set safety aside for just a minute unless, of course, you’re happy with mediocrity in which case you’re all set. But what if you’re not satisfied with mediocrity? What if you are willing to take a few risks? 

 The tough part about risk is it's risky. Taking risks means you will likely run into resistance. There will be people who love what you do and people who do not. The problem comes when we try to satisfy them all and that's because compelling content, the kind that really stands out, requires we take some risks. When we ignore the fact to create compelling, we have to take some risks we wind up with safe. Safe content feels nice because we’ve eliminated risk but safe content is just that, it’s safe. Safe is the exact opposite of what we are looking for. It is uninspired, passionless mundane, ordinary mediocrity that only adds to the mountainous pile of clutter that already crowds our everyday lives and who wants more of that? So, here we are, it seems there is a choice to be made. Do you want to create an exciting, compelling, unique, stand out experience for your audience, or do you want to blend in with everyone else, be safe and continue creating mediocre content that is largely ignored? The choice is yours, choose wisely.