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Genius comes in all shapes and sizes

Genius comes in all shapes and sizes

We tend to think of genius in terms of math or science, but intelligence comes in all shapes and sizes. There are many ways to process information, so just because we do not excel in one sense of the word does not mean we do not have genius within us. The Greeks and Romans both shared the belief that we are born with our genius. Of course, they didn't elevate genius to the level we do today, but they believed that from the time of your birth, it was more or less a part of you guided by the same deity that was either a part of your family or maybe even lived within your household. 


The idea of developing our genius is something many of us fail to consider and as a result, sadly goes unnurtured. For whatever reason, we choose to ignore it or pursue other areas of our lives. Fear of failure, loss of confidence, negative peer pressure are only some of the reasons we shy away from acknowledging our calling. And while it might seem safer to pursue something more reliable, logical, or something our peers may approve of, ignoring our genius comes at a great cost, and that cost is regret.


Whether our genius is innate or nurtured is not as important as what we do with it. We all carry our own form of genius that lives inside us, waiting for us to recognize it. For some of us, it comes in the form of art. For others, it might be an athletic ability or an innate sense of how to make, build, or discover things. Think for a moment about where you excel? What lights you up? Do not worry if others around you don't see it or feel what you feel, that's not important. What do you do better than most people? What would happen if once you've discovered that ember, you chose to fan the flame instead of pushing it aside? How would it feel to lead a life where you were actually recognized and acknowledged for your genius. Discovering your genius is only the first step, nurturing it and living a more fulfilling life is the best way to truly honor your genius.


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