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How to know when your idea has become an innovation.

How to know when your idea has become an innovation.

Most people don’t realize that an idea, by itself, is not innovation. Until it scales for broad adoption, we can’t claim something is an innovation. It’s definitely creative and interesting in a new way. And we might even have proof that it’s a good concept and a few years of revenue to show for it. An innovation is generally thought of as a process that brings together novel ideas into a new form that affects society in some positive way. In other words, it becomes adopted at scale in the world. An application of sorts that changes the way we do things. 

One of my favorite examples is toothpaste. Isn’t it hard to believe that a hundred years ago, no one brushed their teeth? Imagine how that has changed our health at scale. Another is computers. Sixty years ago work didn’t involve a computer or cell phone. Now, almost ALL work is conducted on or involves a computer of some sort. 

As we move into the holidays and into a new decade, it’s fun to imagine what is possible. How will our lives be turned upside down next? In what ways can each of us ensure that the work we do each day will have a generative effect on those after us? 

As the spirit takes hold this weekend….imagine 2020 as a better world. 



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