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Disruption or Innovation?

Disruption or Innovation?

Some call it innovation, some call it disruption it all depends on where you stand. No industry is safe from change. Knowing change is coming however does not make it any easier. Adapting to change is the cornerstone of a thriving civilization but for every advancement we make there will be those who have something to gain and those who have something to lose, those who view change as disruption and those who view it as innovation. Change, however, does not wait until we're ready, it marches forward with or without us.

So the real question becomes how do we handle change and innovation when they do arrive? Do we dig our heels in and expect the rest of the world to conform around us or do we adapt and utilize change to our benefit? It seems the more entrenched we become the more we have to lose. Change can be frightening. Familiarity feels safer until we realize that failure to adapt and embrace change has been the downfall of many of the greatest civilizations the world has ever known.


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