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According to the lizard brain this is the meaning of life.

According to the lizard brain this is the meaning of life.

Pop Quiz:

If I could learn anything, the first thing I would learn about would be ___________.

Not too long ago, there were many barriers to learning. If you couldn’t find the information in a book, a classroom or from reliable mentor chances were you were pretty much out of luck. Of course, that’s no longer the case. Whatever you want to learn, whatever you want to dream, whatever you need to understand to move yourself to the next level is just a click away, yet many of us behave as though information and learning are still elusive. They are not. Anyone with just the tiniest amount of resourcefulness can find just about anything they desire. Yet, for some reason, when it comes time to take action, we convince ourselves the answers are out of reach. It’s too hard. I’ll never change. This is just the way things are.

The messages your lizard mind tells you are just a smokescreen designed to keep you right where you are at this moment. That’s because of the lizard brain tricks us into thinking that safety is more important than the other things we desire. If you are alive, have a roof over your head and are not worried about your next meal, then you are safe. Safety = Mission Accomplished according to the lizard brain. When we convince ourselves that being safe is more important than being fulfilled however, we must begin to examine our motivations and whether they are truly in our best interest. Not living a meaningful life is all good and fine if all we operated on was our lizard brain. To lead a meaningful life though we also have to consider our desires. Do we want to live a fulfilling life? Do we want to be happy, to grow, to love and be loved? Do we want to feel like our contributions make a difference? Those things don’t come from hiding behind a false sense of security. They come from quieting the lizard voice, looking past the smoke screen and becoming our best self. If you can learn about anything this year what will it be?