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Tilt 365 vs. Other Assessments


Tilt 365 offers a suite of assessments that provides deep, personalized insights that helps you both understand AND appreciate your true self. This understanding goes beyond just a description. The report articulates not only what you do but WHY you do it. Understanding WHY allows you to do more than a self-study. It tells you how you can grow and effectively use your strengths in a variety of different situations.

A big difference between Tilt and other models is that we don’t believe in set personality "types". People are complicated and act differently in different situations. You adapt, or Tilt, to your context. Defining people as a type can be dangerous. It encourages them to think I am a _______, and that is who I will always be. The truth is that people can change. So at Tilt, we offer actionable insights designed to help you grow so that you can effectively use your strengths in different situations. One final difference is that even though the Tilt framework is deep and complicated to account for the complexities of who people are, it is reported in an easy to use visual framework. This allows you to pull information quickly in everyday interactions. To recap, Tilt tells you WHY you do what you do, shows HOW you can develop and improve, and is presented in a way that is easy to remember and apply.


Personality Assessmentsnneagram (RHETI)

Dimension True Tilt Personality Profile DiSC MBTI HPI/ HDS  Insights Discovery Clifton Strengths StandOut Enneagram (RHETI) SDI Kolbe A Index
Time to complete 5 mins 15 mins 15-30 mins 15-20 mins 20 mins 35-45 mins 20 mins 40 mins 20 mins 20 mins
Cost $49 * $49.95 * * $49.99 $15 $12 $50-$100* $49.95
Scientific Validity/ Reliability X ✓** ✓**
Easy to Remember & Apply X X X X X X X X X
Explains Underlying Motivations X X X X X
Team Compilation Available  ✓ X X X X
Free    Retake X X X X X X X X X
Integrated with 360 Assessment X X X X X

*Prices vary

**Psychometric evaluation indicates reliability estimates below the recommended 0.70.


360 Assessments

Dimension Tilt 365 Positive Influence Predictor Leadership Circle Benchmarks ESCI Denison 360
Time  15 min 15-20 min 30 min 30-45 min 15-20 min
Cost $199/yr $399 $380 $225 $175
Scientific Validity/Reliability
What it measures Character Strengths Competency/Reactive Tendency Competency Emotional & Social Competency Behavior
Whole Person Development X X X
Integrate Personality & 360 X X X X
Real Time Feedback Software X X X X
Repeatable for free X X X X
Learning tools X X X X