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Happiness & Well-Being Indicator

Find out how positive you feel, your current life satisfaction, and whether your life is fulfilling.

Happiness is fleeting. You are happy one minute then angry/sad/content/hungry the next. True happiness comes from finding meaning in life and experiencing a sense of fulfillment. This report takes validated assessments from top researchers on well-being and gives you a simple report that shows you where you are right now. You take this assessment periodically to catalog the real implications of your development. Simply fill out the form below to get started...

Frequently Asked Questions

Tilt is focused on growing the whole person through character strength development. The consequence on balance on all 12 character strengths goes beyond more positive interactions with others. It increases your own well-being by helping you grow into the best version of yourself from the inside out.

Measures were modified from existing validated measures used in research, and the references to the original sources are provided below:

Diener, E., Emmons, R. A., Larsen, R. J., & Griffin, S. (1985). The satisfaction with life scale. Journal of Personality Assessment, 49(1), 71-75. doi:10.1207/s15327752jpa4901_13

Diener, E., Wirtz, D., Tov, W., Kim-Prieto, C., Choi, D., Oishi, S., & Biswas-Diener, R. (2010). New well-being measures: Short scales to assess flourishing and positive and negative feelings. Social Indicators Research, 97(2), 143-156. doi:10.1007/s11205-009-9493-

This assessment reports the results of three assessments created by well-being researchers: relative amount of positive versus negative emotions, life satisfaction, and flourishing. These values will show you different ways you can think about what it means to be happy.