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Tilt 365 Team Agility Predictor

The Team Agility Predictor is a 360-degree feedback assessment for a team. It provides a metric to measure a team's behavior patterns so that team members have the insights they need to perform as a more cohesive unit.

In today's fast-paced environment, companies have to innovate and adapt to stay relevant. Just as with the individual Tilt 365 Positive Influence Predictor, the Team Agility Predictor can be used to collect feedback multiple times throughout the annual subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Team Agility Predictor (TAP) assessment measures how each observer group views the team’s use of the 12 character strengths and four meta-strengths in the Tilt model. The more balanced the team as a whole is in each of the 12 character strengths, the more agile positive they will be. The TAP reveals the team’s relative strengths and potential areas for development from the perspective of each observer group. It is different from any type of individual assessment because a team is more than the sum of the members.

The Team Agility Predictor (TAP) is a supplement to the Team Climate Profile, so they should be interpreted together. The Team Climate Profile shows the distribution True Tilts within the team. The relative “weight” of any one True Tilt could influence the team’s norms and values; but, the effect of the distribution depends on a number of factors. The TAP is essentially a 360 for a team. The results reveal team strengths and areas that may need development. Even if the distribution of True Tilts on the Team Climate Profile is fairly unbalanced, the team could have adapted and show up as balanced on the TAP.