True Tilt Personality Profile - Discover Your Character Strengths

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True Tilt Personality Profile

The only self-assessment available to help you discover your natural personality and evolve it with character strengths through concrete developmental steps.

Provides deep, personalized insights and offers actionable suggestions to help you grow. Helps you understand and appreciate your true self - Articulates not only what you do, but why you do it. Results are reported in a memorable visual framework that allows comparison of your patterns to others to help you communicate better. Describes how you adapt to fit each situation, not just your personality “type”. Gives you the tools you need to effectively use your strengths in different situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

The True Tilt Personality Profile measures both your natural, inherited character strengths and how they have been modified by your experiences in your family of origin and beyond. It is basically a more modern way to think about and measure personality tendencies and how they've evolved. It is a forced choice assessment, which means that it forces you to choose between two options. The results reveal what your brain is most “wired” to choose.

The Tilt 365 model is scientifically validated to measure what it says it measures. If you are interested in more details about the psychometric evidence for the True Tilt Personality Profile, you can find the technical report here, or contact our Chief Science Officer with specific questions ( Further, our research indicates that using Tilt to develop ourselves and our teams can lead to positive changes such as creating a climate for creativity and innovation.

Most personality assessments are not reported on a holistic framework, so they don’t show you where your individual patterns are most useful in the big picture. For example, if you learn that your True Tilt is "Clarity," you see where that fits in the whole and where you may fall short if you don't develop holistically.

Many personality assessments don’t provide memorable results. And what you can't remember, you won't be likely to apply. Yes, people are more complex than four patterns, but most business leaders don't have time to learn numerous letter combinations and types that are not linked to a business framework. The Tilt patterns are easy to remember because they clearly describe the associated behavioral patterns. For example, "Connection" Tilts enjoy making and maintaining social connections. Tilt addresses the additional complexity of humans through the Unique Tilt Amplifier, which is unique to each individual.

Most personality tools assume that your behavior will not change, so they don't give you an option to take a follow up assessment to see how you've developed yourself over time. Tilt 365 also offfers the Positive Influence Predictor, a 360-feedback assessment which gives you instant, continuous feedback from others on how well you have developed the same character strengths measured by the True Tilt Profile.

There are several important differentiators between the True Tilt Personality Profile and other reliable and valid assessments. Your True Tilt Personality Profile report not only provides a description of your tendencies, but also tells you WHY you do the things you do. Understanding your inner drives and motivations allows you to go beyond “what you are” to who you can be. It allows you to get to the core of your behaviors so that you can modify them as needed. Further, the report gives you clear steps for how you can develop into a more adaptable and agile version of yourself. Finally, the framework is easy to remember and apply. This makes it much more actionable and sticky. We use illustrations that convey a holistic framework and a visual story that enhances left and right brain retention of patterns that can then be applied immediately. This results in change that sticks and helps with positive reinforcement.

The brain is made up of three primary regions that help us understand our behavior. The one that is fastest and yet hardest to regulate is what can be thought of as the reptilian (primitive) brain. It reacts with one motive in mind - survival. This part of our brain is wired for fear-based reactions like fight, flee, deflect and freeze. And it’s also the part that wreaks havoc in our relationships. Yet, if we understand our primitive brain and make friends with it, then our higher nature can be strengthened to integrate its value and manage it better. Our art is a playful nod to this part of ourselves; playfulness and acceptance are the paths to reducing fear. Our art helps people do that.

A coach is not required but may be very helpful. The report is designed so that you can read it and decide on a development path for yourself. The value of engaging a True Tilt Personality Profile Certified Practitioner, or coach, is that they can help you develop yourself and get results more quickly than you might on your own. This is because they have been trained in the Tilt model and its implications in addition to having achieved coaching certification through their national and international professional organizations.

The short answer is no. We do not recommend using Tilt for hiring. A True Tilt is a set of natural preferences that only shows where people begin, not who they are now. We recommend hiring for balance on all 12 character strengths.