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5 Ways Agile Teams Make Us Better

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Agility is a top priority for executives because it enables their organizations to compete effectively in this era of constant digital disruption. Agile teams adapt to current trends, business needs, and complex dynamics while accelerating productivity, creativity, and innovation. Agile team climates also improve resilience, employee morale, and productivity. And as a leader of people development, you’re a key enabler of agile team climates for your organization.

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Dynamic balance is key to agility

With talent retention such a top priority, the importance of a positive company culture is hard to overstate. We know that company culture determines whether prospective employees want to work there, whether current employees want to stay and whether everyone is engaged and productive.

The question is how to build and sustain a great company culture. It starts with leadership but depends on the investment of everyone in the organization. But what if everyone isn’t really “all in”? The good news is that you can build a great company culture by developing agile climate in top influencer teams. Those teams then become influencers for other teams. Once the number of agile teams reaches critical mass, the culture begins to shift and your organization becomes a great place to work.

Navigating the age of disruption

Whether your organization is thriving or just surviving in this age of disruption, you can enable your executive team’s top priorities while building a culture where people love to work. Tilt 365 provides fresh, relevant assessments for individuals and teams to help you find and support the leaders and teams who can champion the benefits of Agile team climates. We’ll help you develop them with personalized development paths to agility, workshops, predictive analytics and case studies. This approach offers the ongoing support that works best for you and your organization.