Understanding "why" can be very empowering.

Your personality is only the beginning - it's your character strengths that determine your results.

Take control of your personal development

Tilt offers two products to help you start your journey towards being a more balanced and agile version of yourself.

  • True Tilt Personality Profile $49

    A wicked fast self-assessment with modern, relevant language to discover your most natural character strengths and not only what you do but why you do it. The Tilt visual framework makes is easy to remember and apply.
  • Positive Influence Predictor $199

    Give yourself the tools to take control of your development. Gather repeatable feedback on how well you use 12 key character strengths. This positive psychology assessment gives you the insight you need to be more agile.

We're here to help you along your journey


Happiness & Well Being Assessment gives you a baseline to see improvement as you progress through your journey.

Complete your True Tilt Profile to discover your natural character strengths through an easy to remember framework that you can apply in your daily life.

Start your journey from your True Tilt Profile to become a more agile and balanced person - classes, content, and coaches are available to create your game plan.

Positive Influence Predictor allows you to receive feedback from people around you to understand how you can improve your influence.

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You're not a type, you can Tilt to your situation

The good news

All of us can choose to develop balance in all four primary character styles and learn to Tilt to context. Discover your ideal development path and accelerate the best version of yourself by developing the parts you tend to neglect. Tilt assessments are based on positive psychology so they encourage building specific character strengths that balance out those you might overuse under stress.

When you learn

The Tilt framework is unforgettable, because it’s based on a visual model that makes it easy to recall and then keep yourself in balance. Character Strength comes from the inside out and helps us manage our innate personality tendencies much more intentionally. Once you dig in, you’ll realize that even one small change can make a world of difference in your overall sense of well-being, happiness, and engagement.

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