Tilt 365 Individual Path To Agility - Learn Your Character Strengths

Your personality is only the beginning - it's your character strengths that determine your results. 



Internal character strength is the ONE thing that determines our results, both personally and professionally. Yet most of us don’t realize how much of our lives are determined by unconscious motives and reactions instead of intentional choices. Tilt helps you identify your preferred character style (True Tilt) and how your inherited, natural patterns may be affecting your results – both positively and negatively. Everyone has some patterns we can tend to favor and overuse at the expense of others. Discovering why we do this, including the unconscious motives that drive them, can make all the difference.  Understanding "why" can be very empowering. 

The good news is that all of us can choose to develop balance in all four primary character styles and learn to flex to context. Discover your ideal development path and accelerate the best version of yourself by developing the parts you tend to neglect. Tilt assessments are based on positive psychology so they encourage building specific character strengths that balance out those you might overuse under stress. When you learn the Tilt framework, it’s unforgettable, because it’s based on a visual model that makes it easy to recall and then keep yourself in balance. Character Strength comes from the inside out and helps us manage our innate personality tendencies much more intentionally. Once you dig in, you’ll realize that even one small change can make a world of difference in your overall sense of well-being, happiness and engagement. 

The Science of Character has provided solid evidence that companies led by leaders with strong character out-perform companies led by leaders with weak character. 1. And in top companies, everyone contributes to company culture. 2. So it’s important for everyone to bring the best version of themselves to work - and don’t the people in our personal lives deserve our best selves, too?

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2. Teach beacon. Ian Gotts: Lessons from agile: Happier teams are more productive, so spread the cheer

Your journey to balance and agility in 365 days:

True Tilt Profile
1. Complete the Happiness & Well-Being Indicator.

How happy do you feel? How fulfilled are you today? Are you flourishing? Assess your starting point as a baseline. Then see how it improves as a result of your journey.

Free Assessment
True Tilt Profile
2. Complete the True Tilt Personality Profile & Read Your Report.

Discover your most natural character strengths (or Tilting pattern) using this simple self-assessment. Learn how you can grow into your best self with small changes. Cost: $49.

3. Get ongoing support for 365 days:

Each week, get emails that help you stay focused on growing your balance and agility all year


Get deeper insights on our unconscious drivers and unleash your unique creative purpose so you can “Be the calm in a sea of noise". Cost: $23.99.


Engage a coach to help you accelerate your results with a Tilt Certified Practitioner or Tilt Master Consultant. Cost: Set by individual coaches.


4. Re-take the Happiness & Well-Being Indicator.

How fulfilled are you now? Once you have made some progress on your journey, re-take the survey and compare your baseline to your current level of happiness and fulfillment.

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Advance to Positive Influence

1. Purchase and complete your Positive Influence Predictor

During or after your journey to internal presence, discover how your patterns influence your peers and others with this structured feedback tool. Includes use of the tool for one year. Cost: $199.

2. Purchase an expert Report Debrief (1.5 hours)

Meet with a Tilt Certified Practitioner to create an Individual Development Plan. Become agile in choosing more productive responses to even the toughest situations and observe how your positive influence expands.

Find a Coach
3. Get ongoing feedback and perspective throughout the year:

Continuously monitor your on-going influence with peers, direct reports, stakeholders, and others. Use the real-time data to choose how you show up and respond at work and at home.


Choosing to work with an expert accelerates your journey to positive influence. Discuss opportunities, challenges, and progress on a schedule that works best for you. Cost: Set by individual coaches.


Keep a record of your journey so you can see the progress you make over time

4. Re-take the Happiness & Well-Being Indicator

Take the indicator again then refer to your first report. See if you are happier and more fulfilled than you were a year ago. Let us know about your experience with a product review.

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What’s next? If you work on a team, invite them to grow an agile team climate by joining you in this process. Learn to love your culture at work and experience a greater sense of engagement and well-being at work and at home.