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The teams that thrive today are agile. That means they can adapt to current trends, business needs, and complex dynamics while accelerating productivity, creativity, and innovation. If your team’s performance is in need of some tweaks – despite having great talent – Tilt's team experts can help you identify the cause and what to do about it, now and for the future. Set up a free consultation and let us help you determine which Tilt workshops will best help your team their specific stage of development.


The Ethos of Agile Teams: Five ways they make us better - By Pam Boney, Founder and CEO - Tilt 365

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Teams focused on innovation behave differently than teams focused on collaboration, on alignment, or on execution. Yet high-performing teams must excel at all of these things at different points in time and in different contexts swiftly. This is where intentional Tilting as a team becomes a key differentiator for your team’s performance. When a team is agile at Tilting intentionally, everyone consciously pivots their behavior to suit the current focus. Agile teams thrive in even the most challenging situations.

Tilt distinguishes between team climate and company culture. Team climate can change rapidly as leaders and influential team members come and go. In contrast, company culture changes less easily. And the unacknowledged norms of an existing culture may hinder innovation over time if there isn't enough psychological safety for risk-taking. The good news is that developing an agile team climate in critical mass with key influencer teams can transform company culture into a force that drives competitive relevance and continuous improvement over time.

The Tilt Team Climate Profile and Tilt 365 Team Agility Predictor provide baseline data for why your team works the way it does. The Tilt Strategies for Team Agility workshop helps you use this information to identify specific new habits to accomplish your most important goals – even when they change. When you and your team can better manage your dynamics to fit the situation, your productivity, creativity, and innovation increase exponentially.

Your journey to master balance and agility in 365 days:

1. Complete the Team Potential Indicator.

Do you rely on your teammates to collaborate? How consistent is your team’s performance? Do you have healthy interactions? Do you resolve conflict quickly? Are you fulfilling your potential? Assess your starting point as a baseline. Then see how it improves as a result of your journey.

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True Tilt Profile
2. Purchase True Tilt Personality Profiles for all team members.

Begin the personal journey to balance and agility for each member of your team. The options for how to complete these journeys, including ongoing support, are outlined on the Individual Agility development page.
Cost: $49 each.

3. Purchase the Team Climate Profile.

What are your team's top character strengths? How will you be likely to react under stress? Find out how each team member's Tilt can come together to influence the team climate, blind spots and stress patterns.
Cost: $99.

4. Schedule a free consultation.

Share your goals with a Master Team Consultant who can help you assess the best approach for your team right now. Are you forming a new team, re-shaping a team in transition, managing conflict, establishing new norms? Are you ready to perform and need to ensure or accelerate progress? Each workshop focuses where you most need to grow right now. 

5. Choose the right workshop with your Consultant.

Discover how character strengths can help your team shift from a Rigid Mindset to an Agile Mindset and grow from the inside out. This workshop focuses everyone on personal responsibility, self-discovery and self-leadership. 


Once you understand your own development path, learn the impact your behaviors have on others. Identify your key stakeholders and influence them more positively through healthy interactions that are mutually respectful, collaborative and productive. 


Assess your current strategy using our scientifically validated framework to see if your team is likely to produce the outcome you most need to accomplsh right now. Is everyone aligned or are there conflicting messages or counterproductive habits that will impeed the change you need most?  Your team will learn productive ways of working together toward a specific goal or initiative. 


6. Re-take the Team Potential Indicator.

Once you have made some progress on your journey, re-take the survey and compare your baseline to your team’s current performance and potential for exponential achievement.

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